Home & Architectural Portraiture

I have been fortunate to have done many commissioned portraits of homes.  This is a way for me to combine landscape and architectural subject matter.  I very much enjoy paintings that show the effects of sunlight on buildings.  For years I have done these commissioned pieces, mostly in watercolor.  They are in many cases portraits of homes that have since been demolished, thereby making the painting a valued document of a homeplace for the family that lived there.

Please contact me for more details if you are interested in a painting of your home or place of business, or of a portrait of a family homeplace in a photograph.  I have years of experience doing paintings of homes from either existing places, or from

One final note about this type of painting: I do them as I would any painting, so that the result is fully developed, as opposed to a light rendering. One month minimum is required for completion of the painting.

New Home Rendering on Cherokee Rd.

Rowe House, Providence Rd, Charlotte NC

Old Courthouse in Wentworth, NC

Home on Normandy Rd.

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